1 1/2 East Broadway, Derry

Open Fridays 4-7 and Saturdays 1-7

About Doire Distilling

Doire, pronounced "dwar-ay", comes from a 6th century old Irish word meaning "oak grove" or "oak wood". We are a family-owned 125 gallon pot still craft distillery, creating unique offerings from scratch in downtown Derry, New Hampshire. Our offerings will consist of white whiskey (moonshine), rotating gin series, whiskey and bourbon, along with special limited small-batch projects.

Gift Cards

Would you like to surprise someone with a gift card to Doire? Grab them online here. Live out of state and want to shop online? Check out our online store.


Crowd Funding Options & Rewards

$10 | Bumper Sticker
Every bit helps us get closer, and what better way to show your love of local craft spirits than a bumper sticker (doubles as a fridge sticker!!) The Doire branch, name and website.

$25 | T-shirt
It's true, you can never have enough t-shirts. Rock our Gildan, high quality silk screened Doire t-shirt. All roads lead to Doire. Chest patch is the Doire script. The back is the Doire logo.

Enter Shirt Size & Gender

$25 | Let's Rock This!
While you can drink your Doire spirits out of anything, nothing will look as sophisticated as your favorite Doire whiskey in a set of rocks glasses with the Doire logo.

$35 | You so fancy!
We don't always wear collared shirts, but when we do, you know it's going to be our Polo in black with an embroidered logo on the chest. Would you like one? This is the reward for you! Let us know what size!

Shirt Size & Gender

$50 | Take a Tour
Tour and private tasting for two - We'll give you an extended tour of the facility with a private tasting, and a set of rocks glasses to take home with you, of course.

$80 | First Batch
A ticket to the first batch release party! There's only one first batch. We spent a lot of time thinking about what to do with the bottles of such a sentimental value and decided that we would make the very first 100 available to our first supporters. Your ticket includes a set of customized rocks glasses.

$150 | Having a party!
An invitation for you and a friend to the Grand Opening party of Doire! Come hang, have samples, a tour of the distillery and walk away with opening weekend goodies...and give us the opportunity to thank you in flesh. Includes 2 tickets, coasters, 2 t-shirts & 2 sets of rocks glasses.

2 Shirt Sizes & Genders

$500 | Keep It Local
You'll get a discount on all Doire releases and exclusive access to four special releases. We have some awesome releases planned for 2018 and you get first taste and option to buy at the Keeping it Local Club Member price, our embroidered polo & set of rocks glasses.

Shirt Size & Gender

$1,000 | Friends & Fun
You and 5 of your closest friends will be rocking official distillery crew shirts and distill with us for a day. We'll run the still, have some food and give you a chance to get a hands-on experience, including sampling and snacks.

6 Shirt Sizes & Genders

$5,000 | I Want It All
Want to have your own private labeled gin, white whiskey or vodka? We'll work with you to get your label created and approved, have you distill with us, and create the ultimate 100 bottle release. Embroidered shirts, glassware, coasters, stickers, t-shirts and 2 tickets to our Grand Opening party and membership to our keeping it local club. Need more details? Ask us!

Shirt Size & Gender
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Our first product, a 120 proof cane based spirit, 01 "moonshine" is a statement. Notes of vanilla, toffee, caramel with a dangerously smooth finish for 120 proof liquid - this drink is made for anyone that's ever started with nothing and ended up on top!
750ml | 375ml

Our flagship cane based spirit. Our 80 prooof Sugarshine is smooth-sailing from first sip, with notes of vanilla, chocolate and a lightly sweet finish.
750ml | 375ml

productSingle Cut
Single Cut is a rotating 80 proof malt-based series. Each Single Cut is a different batch with different flavors to be enjoyed.

  1. Batch 8.18 The first in our rotating Single Cut series, created from an Imperial Brown recipe, this batch has notes of grass, lemon, citrus with bready undertones.
  2. Batch 9.18 Brewed with our friends at Kelsen Brewing Company, this Single Cut features their annual Russian Imperial Stout, Vinatta. Deep dark chocolate notes combine with cereal, toast and a long roasty finish.

product Gin
Our gins are a rotating collection of both classic style and contemporary botanical gins.
750ml | 375ml

  • JQK "The Flush" The first in our rotating gin series is a blend of Spanish sweet and bitter orange with a touch of coriander. Big juicy orange and citrus on the nose, accompanied by a lucious orange and citrusy flavor, followed by notes of juniper berries.
  • 3 Jacks  Subtle notes of cucumber and mint with a classic juniper finish.
  • 3 Queens  Bright lemongrass up front, followed by rosemary and herbs with a peppery finish.
  • 3 Kings Rose buds, juniper and wildflowers on the nose with lavender and floral notes backed by a juniper pop.
  • product Splinters
    We've taken our Sugarshine and infused it with various woods creating another level of complexity in both mouthfeel, aromatics and flavor.
    750ml | 375ml

  • Hungarian Oak A rich nose of butter, vanilla, molasses and fall leaves followed by a medium-bodied mouthfeel, with notes of caramel and oak with a warming lightly sweet finish... the perfect accompaniment to those mid-fall bonfires.
  • The Doire Team

    Andy Day & Alana WentworthAndy Day & Alana Wentworth, owners of Cask & Vine, are the founders of Doire.  Cask & Vine is a craft beer and wine bar that opened in January 2013 and is located beside Doire Distilling.  Both are known well in the Derry community for involvement in town events and being a driving force for small business.  Both Andy and Alana are well-known in the craft beer community in New Hampshire, boasting the largest cellared-beer collection, truly unique beer experiences, participating in podcasts, festivals, the documentary film Brew Hampshire and even holding the cover of "Beer Advocate", a country-wide craft beer publication, in November 2015.

    Bill HerlickaBill Herlicka will be a part of the Doire Distilling team, bringing 20 years of brewing and over 10 years of distilling experience.  Andy, Alana and Bill have known each other since November of 2009, collaborating on a variety of products and events.  Bill founded White Birch Brewing in Hooksett, NH in June of 2009 on a 1/2 barrel system.  Bill grew White Birch Brewing into a 30 barrel brew house, servicing 20 different states before selling his share of the company in 2016.  Bill's insight into the craft beverage world and trends put his brewery at the forefront of the Berliner Weiss beer style three years ago, which is now the hottest trend in the NH beer scene.  Bill is currently a regional sales & brewery strategist for American Beer Equipment, traveling most recently to Nairobi, Kenya to consult for The Big Five Breweries LTD (Brew Bistro & Lounge). 

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